MR CAPONE-E.All Eyez on Me.(2017).320kbps.mp3.CHICANO.RAP.[FREDDY...

Torrent: MR CAPONE-E.All Eyez on Me.(2017).320kbps.mp3.CHICANO.RAP.[FREDDY...
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T.P,B,FREDY1714.jpg 34.1 KB
01 Cali Love.mp3 4.3 MB
13 Cali Love Outro.mp3 4.3 MB
03 Going Back.mp3 5.2 MB
08 House Party.mp3 6.0 MB
11 Live n' Die in LA 2 .mp3 6.1 MB
12 Love Women Like I Love Cali.mp3 6.2 MB
10 Valley Girl .mp3 6.4 MB
07 Talk About Cali.mp3 6.6 MB
06 Under the Sun.mp3 7.0 MB
09 Smoke While I'm Driving.mp3 7.5 MB
04 I'm a Ridah .mp3 7.9 MB
02 Lac To 805 .mp3 8.2 MB
05 All Eyez on Me .mp3 9.3 MB
14 Bonus Plug.mp3 19.9 MB

MR CAPONE-E.All Eyez on Me.(2017).320kbps.mp3.CHICANO.RAP.[FREDDY1714]

01 Cali Love

02 Lac To 805 (feat. Maldito, Pranxs, G-Wicks & Most Wanted)

03 Going Back (feat. Vallejo Tunes)

04 I'm a Ridah (feat. Young Egypt)

05 All Eyez on Me (feat. Magic Girl)

06 Under the Sun (feat. Jone)

07 Talk About Cali

08 House Party

09 Smoke While I'm Driving (feat. Al Gramz)

10 Valley Girl (feat. Jay Crook & Jone)

11 Live n' Die in LA 2 (feat. Tucker Lives & Fatal Flash)

12 Love Women Like I Love Cali

13 Cali Love Outro

14 Bonus Plug



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