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Francis Poulenc - Dialogues des Carmelites (2011) [DVD9 NTSC] (Arthaus DVD)

Studio Arthaus Musik
Orig Year 2004
Discs 1
Video NTSC
Release Date Jul 26, 2011
Running Time 149 Minutes
Live Recording from Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, Milan, 2004

Category Classical DVDs, Music Video Movies, Live Performances Videos, Classical Music, Opera, Operas
Director Robert Carsen
Baritone Philippe Fourcade, Francesco Musinu, Ernesto Panariello
Bass Christopher Robertson
Bass-Baritone Giuseppe Altomare
Composer Francis Poulenc
Conductor Riccardo Muti
Librettist Georges Bernanos
Mezzo-Soprano Barbara Dever, Annamaria Popescu
Music Performer(s) Milan La Scala Chorus, Milan La Scala Orchestra
Soprano Dagmar Schellenberger, Anja Silja, Laura Aikin, Sara Allegretta, Gwynne Geyer, Sae Kyung Rim
Tenor Mario Bolognesi, Gregory Bonfatti, Gordon Gietz, Danilo Serraiocco

.: Tracklist :.

Dialogues des carmélites (Dialogues of the Carmelites) is a 1956 French-language opera in twelve scenes and several orchestral interludes, grouped into three acts, by Francis Poulenc. It is the composer's second opera; he wrote the libretto after a scheme by novelist Georges Bernanos. Its première took place (in an Italian translation) in January 1957 at La Scala in Milan; premières in Paris, France in French and in the United States (in English translation) in San Francisco followed the same year.

It tells a somewhat fictionalised version of the story of the Martyrs of Compiègne, Carmelite nuns who, in 1794 during the closing days of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, were guillotined in Paris for refusing to renounce their vocation.

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